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How To Lose Weight In Ten Minutes

I have dropped 12 kg...(well heck, it was only in my dream!) Muazzam always said "you bukan gemuk, cuma you kena control your weight je"(you are not fat, it's just you should control your weight). Maybe he's trying to say something nice without hurting me. And maybe he's right. But one day he bought me a dvd -10 MINUTE WORKOUTS TO SHAPE UP YOUR WHOLE BODY. What does it means? I was in deep bewildered so i need someone expert to explain pleaseeeeee!!!!!!

Forget about that bewilderment. So I try to do it everyday for ten days, ten minutes per day, yes, it works. I can feel my calories were blasted. But day after day, i was getting lack of energy doing it, even for only ten minutes, i feel like ten hours or ten days long. When i looked myself in the mirror and murmured; I'm not that fat actually, it's just that i'm putting some weight muahahahahahaha Before i've got married, my weight was around 38kg, and nowwwwwwwww...sorry i can't tell you. THIS…

Once Upon A Time In China

Zhuhai. Located in China near by Macau and Hong Kong. My flight landed in Hong Kong International Airport after six hours journey from KLIA. Actually a story about China, it's like an ancient story, but suddenly i just remembered the sweet times when i was there. Al maklum la kali pertama pergi overseas (My first time travelling to overseas). When i reached at Hong Kong, the weather was cold, i think it was around 5 degree celcius. Muazzam said he's not gonna be in Hong Kong waiting for me because i've got accompanied by a companymate. But he lied, he was there and grinned! Surprise la kononnnn....but i wasn't shocked anyway! From Hong Kong to Zhuhai, we took a ferry. 45 minutes later we reached Zhuhai. For me Zhuhai is a nice town except for the food. Halal food is hardly found there. I prefer to cook by myself. I don't know why i feel so diligently to cook when i was there. I thought maybe that time i got nothing to do (i was one month on unpaid leave) and some mor…

The Concoction Of Our Life

I believe our life is like how you concoct several colors inside one cup. The result will reflect when you daub the concoction on the canvas, imagine the canvas is your life. No matter what the result is, you should accept it because you are the 'concocter'. If you don't like with the result, you may want to do another concoction and daub it over the new canvas. You can do it over and over and over again until you meet with the word - satisfaction.

There's something flicks my mind when i was doing my 'masterpiece' (wow! See attached. It looks like my masterpiece is not photogenic, ha ha ha ha). I think about my previous time when i was in my position as a secretary. At that time i was not expected that i would be in that position, but that we call REZEKI (good fortune). But i wonder why, some people cannot accept other people's good fortune. I was happy, but some people.......umphh...they were not happy for me. I lost my friends which that time was good to m…

Me In The Middle

My mom used to say "Anak tengah ni, pandai bawak diri, dia buat hal dia je" (Middle kid knows how to carry themselves). That is true. Being in the middle in the family is quite interesting, don't you think so? I have 5 siblings, and i am in the middle!

Ros my eldest sister, my brother Nawar, ME In The Middle, my brother Can and the youngest, Sue.

All married.

I have once asked my mom, how am i when i was a little kid? She said, "Anak-anak aku semuanya baik-baik masa kecik" (My kids are really good while they were kids). Then i asked back, "Bila besar tak baik ke mak?" (Are we not good now?). And then she answered "Takde la, dah besar lagi baikkkkkkk..." (Nay, all of you are really goodddddd now). That time i confused, because she was pressing down the word GOOD! ha ha ha ha....what does it means anyway?

As my mom recalls, when i was 6, she said i got 5 stitches on my chin. I was fallen down from the slide. And then when i was 9, i got 4 stiches…

Spoilt Princess Layla

I have been friend with Spoilt Princess Layla aka SPL for about 11 years. It's such a long long time. Guess her real name?? Tengku Putri Laila Manja... At one time when we feel stress, we will start talking nonsense about funny things, sometimes it's just something start with KEK LAPIS (layer cake), but we will elaborate that layer cake into something that beyond people can think of! It's just ... you know...something that we do to release tension. And i don't think i will itemize the nonsense here!

SPL has two sons. Amir, 8 and Awisy, 6 and of course she has husband, Amy, ?. Don't get your head spinning just to think about the gender...of course Amy is a pure macho handsome man! It's just the name sounds like a female name.

After i quit, our friendship keeps going strong. We were chatting for almost everyday BUT we only chat when SPL is not busy with her work. And our 'intro' conversation is always something like;

SPL: Oi buat apa tu? (Hey, what are you d…

American Idol

I've never been
the one to raise my hand
that was not me
and now that's who I am

because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full
of gratitude

You were the one
the one that got me through

now I can see
and I believe

It's only just beginning

This is what we dreamed about
but my only question with me now
do I make you proud

stronger then i've ever been

Do i make your proud
Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved

This is what we dreamed about
but my only question with me now
do I make your proud

Stronger then i've ever been

Do I make your proud?
Do I make your proud?
Although my heart was cracked when Chris daughtry was voted out... fortunately Taylor Hicks is there and he has relieved my wound. What to do, maybe Americans wants to see different talent. Bo Bice and Chris are from the same genre of music. No matter what the reason is, i like both of them.

I do agree Taylor Hicks - SOUL PATROL has made himself to the final. Taylor is …

The Pacifier

Kids...the most sincere creature in the world. Sometimes, because of their sincerity, can make us feel ashame, happy, exasperate, funny and etc. Example:

Her father calls home and Sarah picks up the phone,

Father: Sarah dah makan? (Have you eaten Sarah?
Sarah: Dah (Yes)
Father: Makan apa? (What have you taken?)
Sarah: Nasi (Rice)
Father: Adik Qayyum dah makan? (What about baby Qayyum?)
Sarah: Dah, dia makan kertas! (Yes, He ate paper!)

Happened to be that time Qayyum was playing with the newspaper and eat it.

Shasha: Kenapa perut abah buncit? (Daddy, why is it your stomach pot-belly?)

One day when my brother bring Shasha to Giant Hypermarket, in front of other shoppers...

Shasha: Abah dah dapat gaji ke belum? Shasha nak beli Pooh! Abahhhh..dah dapat gaji ke belum? (Daddy, did you get your salary yet? I want to buy Pooh! Daddyyyy, did you get your salary yet) - She speaks that out loud. And her question remain unanswered!

When Hakim was 6, He asked me;

Hakim: Mak Alang, tu apa tu? Yang tergantung…

Omelette + Fettuccine

Ahaaaaaaaa..... Omelette plus Fettuccine. This is where i've got the name for my blog. Muazzam loves omelette so much but he dislikes fettuccine. If there's no other food in the world, then he wud eat it. I love fettuccine very much and i like omelette too but is not my favourite la, can eat la. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A DESCRIPTION OF OUR REAL LIFE OKKKKKK! Just want to share how 2 different persons, with different favs, with different manner and different gender of course, can stay together happily, alhamdulillah (Praise to ALLAH).

Yesterday i have cooked omelette (again?!) for dinner. My special Omelette recipe -

Ingredient A :
Eggs - 3

Ingredients B (for the filling) :
Onion - cut it into cube
Slice Mushroom - 2 types of mushroom would be more yummy yummy
Blended Beef
Blended Chicken

Grated cheese
Frying pan (this is important)

How to do it?
Melt the butter, and then you fry ingredient B (follow the sequence). And then when everything is fried. Do you have bowl? Ok, take the…

Desktop Housewife

Which housewife am i?

Eddie - Lynette - Susan - Gabby - Bree

Today is complete one year four months plus plus i become a housewife. Fuhh...if i convert the year into day, just imagine, it has been four hundred and eight days i have spent my time at home. At day first, when i woke up from my bed, i totally disbelieved that 'hellooo...i am a housewife'.

But life must goes on. After a month, the first thing i have requested from my husband was 'You tolong install internet' (please install internet). And then when internet was installed, guess what? I just like pyscho, lunatic person who has never seen the computer for hundred years. I become a DESKTOP HOUSEWIFE! but lucky i am not a Desperate Housewife.... let me recall the character that suits me, Susan..noo...but i think Mike Delfino suits me a lot! Ha ha, pleaseeeeeee....maybe i like her pretty sexy face but NOOOO.... The answer is NONE of them. But I think Bree, though she feels l…

Tay And The Chocolate Factory

Hakim, boy, 10 - Nissa, girl, 9 - Sarah, girl, 4 - Qayyum, boy, 3 - Shasha, girl, 3 - Afiq, boy, 3 - Faliq, boy, 4 - Leah, girl, 8 months, Kamelia, girl, 3 and Farhan, boy, 1.

Mmm...they are all my nephews and nieces. They are like my own kids. Me? Don't ask. I am still waiting for the miracle to come into my life. Maybe one day... it will come, only GOD knows. Like the song by Celine Dion; i was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come. Everyone told me to be strong, hold on and don't shed a tear...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

Back to my 'kids'. They drive me crazy all the times, they are with different characters. Recently i have to babysit Hakim, Nissa, Sarah and Qayyum for 4 days. Hakim and Nissa did not worry me so much because they are big kids. Sarah and Qayyum? Yes, they did. Second day babysitting, i have heard Sarah has whispered to Nissa, i was on the couch pressing the clothes that time. Actually i was enraged with her personal pronouns that she has …

You jump, I don't jump


I open my arm for any comments but please don't give me harsh critism, because it's like when you got dumped by your loved one, love hurts... that's how i feel (terrible!)

The idea to build my blog because....i think because i don't have work to do. Everyday i just staring at my computer screen pretend that i am at the office, doing some secretarial works. When i finish, i will start watching some dvds. I love to watch the same movies repeatedly...aiyooo...this is one of my shortcomings. I was going crazy with Titanic last time and have watched it for 26 times (crazy huh?!). Admitt....i was crazy that time!

Ok, don't laugh if you accidentally jumped into this 'sinking' blog. Wassalam