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:: Life is like a dark chocolate ::


Sometimes life is like a dark chocolate, sweet..and yet bitter...Hahaha hihihi huhuhu.  I am little bit crazy over my blogging this time, because finally I have a chance to blog (macam bagus pulak ku rasa phewww). The title for the article today, I just suddenly have thought about it. Well, actually it is up to you to make your life bitter or sweet. Even though you would never know what is coming to you next..,  try to think positive no matter what the taste will be, remember...there is always a reason behind it. Ok, I would try that ...(sambil geleng kepala 10x hahaha)
Being silent, it doesn't mean I am rejecting my routines as a normal person. Normal ke? Hahaha... How to start ramble with my blog after such a long quiet? I think I am gonna share some feelings that I feel when I see someone's face recently. She was so sad over something. How do I tackle this? Because she is just a kid. 6-year-old kid, at this age, kid normally hungered for love and attention no…