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:: When something is unforgiven... ::

.... that is wrong. We forgive and forget... this is right, true. But it's difficult thing to do. I have been thru this situation before. 'You're forgiven!' whereas inside, only He knows what is actually you feel. When something bad happens in our life, it hurts you badly and it leaves big scar inside... and things that hurt you, it's like it stuck in your brain 24/7. How could we call it - it's forgiven! Maybe thru your lips, it's forgiven but how about your heart? Does your mouth and heart braces together?

I am not Canon - delighting you always!

Sometimes i have right to feel hurt. I am kinda person who loves to see people around me happy for what i am doing. Delighting people around me everytime when they are with me. But like i said, I am not Canon. I treat people around me the best i could and until i almost forgot something... : Sometimes, no matter how best you treat someone, they will never treat you back the same way. I agree. Regardless you best fri…

:: Until it's gone... ::

Aku rindu giler dekat arwah mak dengan abah. How i wish i could turn back time, where my parents are here with me. Abah..mak it's Ramadhan now, it is 3rd time Ramadhan without you and i feel missing..lacking of something.... And when Syawal comes, i don't know what to say, lagi i can feel the emptiness is slowly approaching me. Since you'd gone, i'm not really in the mood celebrating raya like i used to be.
Yesterday i met abah's close friend, Pakcik Osman. I shed a tear when he approached me with smile. Automatically i pictured abah's smiley face. Ya ALLAH! Rindunya aku pada abah, pada mak...
It gives me pause when everytime the tv shows Raya's ad. Suddenly it drags me deep into raya memories with abah and mak. Abah dengan mak orang yang paling semangat sekali sambut raya. Early raya morning, surely kepoh. Abah memang kepochi...And i laughed alone... but then i cried alone when actually all of it was just a past! Passing the days without you, some…