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:: Escapology Is Useless, Escapologist Is Meaningless ::

A friend of mine had passed away early this month. She had suffered with cancer. I was speechless the moment i got sms from my ex colleague telling me "Kak Rai had passed away, al fatihah". Again i was feeling like my head stubbed into something hard... and it hurts.

Feeling a little bit spacey about this, maybe i was just carried away with the past where i lost my beloved parents. Actually myself is still not yet fully recovered. But again i would like to remind myself, it was a test for me, a huge test and i have to be strong. He knows that i can face it. ALLAHuakbar...

Life is like that... life is like waves... the happiness, the sadness, it comes in a second and it goes in a second too. Today we are so happy for what we have, then we go to sleep as usual, then we wake up, open up our eyes slowly and then the only thing we realize, the happiness is no longer with us, it was replaced with the sadness. The process will keep on circling, then the sadness... replaced by…