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:: Between BUDGET & Being CALCULATIVE ::

So longggggg... i did not pop up in my blog. There are many reasons why. Do i need to list it down here? Ok la, i list a few of them;

1. I was really in bad 'whole day sickness' for 4 months early this year

2. Getting OK from the sickness, but i was so damn allergic to the 'electronic devices'

3. Busy with Mr. Iman Mishary Zafran

4. Etc, etc, etc....

Well... i am beginning to scratch my 'un-itchy head' when i look at the title. There is something i wanna share here but lookk... where do i start mann? I thought it's easy like telling the audience about the power of Spiderman, Batman or Superman. But this one, suddenly i become speechless. Maybe the incident still haunted me until do i get this stupid thing out from my head??

Ok I give example about one mega project 'in the progress' and of course when we talk about project there must be a budget, the stages: appraisal, planning and execution and so on bla bla bla and bla. But certain 'superhero' doesn't know about the definition of the word BUDGET. Poor they, don't they? Wanna be a superhero...? Oohhh please mannn...don't be a 'Plastic' Man! Surprisingly, they are from a group of people who holds degree, master or even higher education level! After what happened, it taught me something. It doesn't mean you have great piece of paper, YOU ARE BRILLIANT in everything! Sometimes you are even worse than a tooottt...(Sorry the word that i wanna say here has been 'filtered' by Lembaga Penapisan Negara!)

When we talk about budget, there some eyeless people snarl at you suddenly and start to label you 'being calculative' just because you care about the project that being budgeted. Budget and being calculative are totally such different things. Budget is budget... bodoh betul! There is no such way the word 'top up' or 'installment' words should be came out after the project completed. Bila aku kata bodoh, nanti ada yang melenting, berguling2 atas lantai tak mengaku yang diri tu bodoh. I wonder what kinda Master they are in? Master in Moron or what??!! Bingo! At some point - i know nobody is perfect although they have perfect education background. It's all about attitude. I also imperfect but i know how to differentiate what is right, what is wrong. For example, snarling at people in front of other people, it's obviously a bad attitude and wrong.

Attitude is the most essential element in human being, that makes you look different from other people, no matter if you have degree or not. If you have degree, master and comes with a good attitude, it would be a first class ticket for you. But if you are not from this group, better jadi macam aku je la, finished my high school, continued study in diploma but failed one paper and straightly discontinued the study... at least i know how to respect people and at least i never snap people!

I just don't know why... there is somebody who loves to put somebody's life in a mess. After he did it, he felt that he's great or what so ever. But i hope this kinda people have a little regret in his life after what he did, if not, i think that people is over qualified to be called - The Most Pyscho Abnormal Creature In The World. Sesuka hati aku menggelarkan orang... Ya ALLAH ampunkan aku!

To those who had experienced this kind of situation before, just be patient, although you feel bad inside, you stay cool on a chair with vermillion eyes that of courseee..can't cover your enragement, but you still can control it, i respect you la babe! It's not easy mann... To those who had made somebody's life completely miserable, I would love to say - Bravo! Do it again... maybe one day there is a big reflection reflects to you back! What goes around comes around. And i think no matter how bad you disagree about others opinion or style of handling things, you don't have to snap them out of sudden, in a crowd some more.... eeeee... how could that happened huh?!!

I know if you read my writing this time, some people must be thinking that, there is a bit cloudy here. I also blurrr mahhh... Just consider this a nonsense that comes out from someone who is in bad 'morning sickness'. But i won't talk at length about it anymore, because the more i talk, the more'bad words' would come out from my mouth hehehehehehee... biasa la orang tengah marah ni....! No offend to those who had degree or master or phd - is not all of you like what i have imagined up there. I am just talking about the minority. Ya ampun pak!

Not wanting to miss the fact; be like Bill Gates, one of Ceo without college degree - he dropped out of Harvard, or maybe Michael Dell, the Founder, Chairman and Ceo of Dell - he did not finish his study at Uni of Texas or maybe Richard Branson, another Ceo of Virgin Group with no college degree.... The fact is they don't have college degree but they are brilliant and of course they are the people who CAN talk about 'top up' because they own million bucks in their pocket!


Anonymous said…
Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.
Greentea-Tay answers you said…
Hello Anon..

Before my fingers start to tango lively, i want you to know that my english is bad too.

My post is mostly representing my emotions towards something that happened in my life. So it delivers thru the words.

Glad to hear it helps you in your college assignment.

Till then thanks for dropping by.
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