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:: Salam Ramadhan... ::

Last two days, it was my birthday. Don't ask yang ke berapa, got it?!! Can't stand the wishes, it reminds me that my age is catching up. Tapi aku tetap rasa diri aku muda...muahahahaha (something that i hate to do, but i have to confess). Muazzam is always the first person wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but this time it was a bit late thou...not as usual. It's ok, i know...remember those numbers, 3285? Muahahahhahaha
Second year without my mom wishing me over the phone, i was feeling a bit awkward. Normally she called me in the morning and wished me. I know i was raised in the situation where i have never had a birthday celebration. It was taught like that. But i just didn't care, the most important thing, i was happy that time. I remember my mother cooked my favourite dishes on my birthday. Mak, i really miss you... rindu giler!

Where are you Zafran? Owhhh there you are... playing with hanger! Pak Itam gave you musical robot..can walk some more, Auntie Mar gave you musical…