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What is behind FORGIVENESS?

I remember the song by the group One Republic, one of my fav band - Apologize. I love the melody of the song and of course when he said "now is too late to's too late"... but when it comes to the song by Metallica - Unforgiven, it would be something different, very different. The same different is only at the situation.
Well it is just a song, when it happens in real life, it becomes other thing that we should think of (twice or thrice). To forgive people, especially when they do something that hurt you is so damn easy to do it. But when it comes to forget the horrible thing they did to you is damn uneasy thing to do it. To forget it, it needs sincerity...from the heart of course. No one knows except ALLAH.
Sometimes there's type of person when they did something bad to other people, they intend to forget it and hoping that we ignore the bad thing they did to us. How could they can behave naturally so easy like that? And tomorrow they expect we can smi…