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:: Principle Vs Right = I Am Not A Robot ::

Life principle..I believe everybody has it. Me included. I don't wanna talk at length about the definition of the words. I hoisted my deep deep breath before i begin to ramble on this subject. (Hahahahhaa macam bagus!) (Please take note, due to safety reason, the principles cannot be revealed by the blogger - lol)

Recently, that was the first time i felt i have lost in my own thought. For many years i have lived in my principles. I have made lines in my life and i have lived between the lines for years. I taught myself not to cross the lines, BUT I FAILED. Maybe because i am an ordinary person, maybe because i am just a human being, or maybe my 'patience' ozone layer has reduced day by day. So i made mistake. It wasn't a huge mistake, it was just, i have put anti-wrinkle cream on the lines... so the lines slowly dissappeared. How do i say this? Ummhhh... the mistake i did, it was something to do with my principles but nothing to do with other people. But other people who…