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:: Hello..My Love! ::

Mmmm... suddenly i am sighing... my SKII facial treatment essence will be soon finished, just in a day. I am kinda person who never glued to the one and only brand skin care product. But so far SKII is the best. I am kinda person who always wanna try new things especially when it comes to skin care, foundation(yes!!), lipstick(of courseeee..), mascara (o yeahhh), eyebrow pencil(ooo yeehaa) and blusher(OMyC!). Those 5 things are so meaningful to me.

1. So far the blusher, it is a must for me - O My Chanel, no.45 Poesie. If not MAC mineralize blush - Dainty also works for me.
2. For Foundation (i hope i can build a charity foundation one day, but so far i can only afford foundation for my face << please laugh, because this is a joke ok!) But i always have that dream (seriously ok..) For foundation i would love Giorgio Armani, Luminious Silk Foundation. It is so smooth, fine texture and you can layer on your face again and again just like how you make layer cakes. And the result is s…