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:: 365 Days With You, 3285 Days With You ::

I just can’t believe it! Three hundred and sixty five days I have him in my life… phewwww….time really flies and he makes each day count! Really count dude.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR… I love you boy!

I was sipping a cup of milo while my eyes at the tv screen as usual and Zafran…he was playing with ‘mega bloks’. Then I joined him. I built a house, he destroyed. I built again, he destroyed again. Then I built again, he destroyed again with glee. Amboiiiiii…..banyak cantekkk! Ok, enough, mommy is tired! He just grinned away as if he understood what I have babbled. A minute later, he tapped me on the arm, he stared me in the eyes, I was really mesmerised by his innocence look. Knowing it would be no more ‘mega bloks’ builder, he suddenly cried. Apa lagi nak susu la tu!
365 days with you baby…. I see pure love, I see blossoming and growing, I see you laughing and smiling, which is like an endless happy time. No more loneliness, no more sadness, no more pain, no more outing with friends (boleh gitu?…

:: Spice, Orange and Vanilla ::

I am so excited because Zafran is going to be 1 year old next month. Alhamdulillah…thank you ALLAH for giving me a chance to take care of this precious 'gift'. He is now standing against the couch, holding onto furniture and sometimes he’s tottering. Actually he has mastered standing solo, sometimes he’s stooping and looks like he’s slowly leaving his babyhood behind. He’s not yet walking well, I think he’s trying to gain confidence and balance. He also knows how to bounce himself whenever he is on the bed. It’s really kinda miracle experience when I have to watch by myself, the steps, the movements.. how it

At this point, he is also speaking a foreign language. I love when he said ‘ahbuhji’ (father),’buweyo’ (what?!),’bwah’(why?! i guess) repeatedly…didn’t he speak Korean?? Since that he is at receptive stage, I try to teach him how to say ‘uhmuhni’ (mother). Baru la fair and square kan! Muazzam said Zafran speaks Korean because there is 'somebody' at…