:: 365 Days With You, 3285 Days With You ::

I just can’t believe it! Three hundred and sixty five days I have him in my life… phewwww….time really flies and he makes each day count! Really count dude.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR… I love you boy!

I was sipping a cup of milo while my eyes at the tv screen as usual and Zafran…he was playing with ‘mega bloks’. Then I joined him. I built a house, he destroyed. I built again, he destroyed again. Then I built again, he destroyed again with glee. Amboiiiiii…..banyak cantekkk! Ok, enough, mommy is tired! He just grinned away as if he understood what I have babbled. A minute later, he tapped me on the arm, he stared me in the eyes, I was really mesmerised by his innocence look. Knowing it would be no more ‘mega bloks’ builder, he suddenly cried. Apa lagi nak susu la tu!

365 days with you baby…. I see pure love, I see blossoming and growing, I see you laughing and smiling, which is like an endless happy time. No more loneliness, no more sadness, no more pain, no more outing with friends (boleh gitu?nyelit tiba2). Just kidding! Mommy is willingly to sacrifice anything... as long as --- I GOT YOU BABE!

Ahaa…I did calculate something roughly – three hundred sixty five days times with 9 years, equal to…. O myyy… it’s unbelievable! THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE DAYS I have been together with my ‘tough-looking man’ …phewwww… how I realized that life has really speeded up, and it’s turning me all into a ‘grow up’ person. (Apa baru sedarkah aku?!)

3285 days with you honey…. It was beautiful days. I feel blessed every single day! (By the way the word ‘tough-looking man’, don’t get too much thinking on it! Hahahahaha)


Megat Rosman said…
tahniah zafran for your 1st year birthday. uncle, auntie, aisyah, amni doakan agar zafran akan terus membesar dengan baiknya.
salam dari doha.

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