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:: A Hundred Metres Of Love ::

Hundred metres of love, can i have this?
Why? Because love is immeasurable. What if it is measurable? Trust me, it wouldn't have been enough!

Laughter echoes the living room. It is so good to see Zafran and Lydia playing together. As if I see true happiness that never seems to fade away. Through their eyes, I see the devotion of his love made exclusively for me. While wolfing down Pecan Butterscotch, well it is scrumptious and the taste is good as its sound, i just enjoy watching them playing and laughing. Zafran kuat betul menyakat adik dia (Muazzam said "i don't see that strange to me, he just inherited that skill from you). Why am i to blame on this?
Some gibberish may start in a minute. That's how it works, i mean that's how the life works, my life. I enjoy doing doodling things on this white, clean surface.

I read some where about the hostility factor. According to the research, as you grow older, should be the less hostile you are. Hostility can lead to heart d…