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-::- It was 365 days past... -::-

.... and i step into 2010, and still i have 365 more days to treasure. Thank you Allah. Time really moves so fast. I started to feel the same feeling that i have had before - my age is getting lesser! Oooooo....

When i look in the mirror, my eyes are rolling for any fine lines/wrinkles or freckles, you know...common signs for ageing. Mmmm... ada la sikit. Yes... I am getting older and older and olderrrr...! But i don't care much about this, because everyone in the world will face this phase of life including Aishwarya Rai one of the most beautiful women on earth. Hahahaha tak senonoh betul ada ke compare dengan Miss World! Suka hati lah!!

New year resolution? Thinking it was something common that people will ask. Do i have one? Never thought i have one before except - always want to be a better person than yesterday, should have changed this to - year. Actually i have just set one resolution for the new year >> is... to .. to.. to (why am i stuttering?) to... to .. reduce the …