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:: A Piece Of Peace... ::

September means a lot to me. My birthday falls in September and also my hubby's birthday...isn't that fated to be togetherrrr for the rest of our life? Hahaha.... I spent about a week in my mother in law's 'heaven' because Muazzam, he has training somewhere in PJ.

Yesterday I went to Debenhams, fuhh...I was crazy like sh*t to see those numbers - 50%, 70%!! hanging closed to me everywhere I go. And ended up with a white gown for (me...hehehehe) excuse me, for my princess Lydia. I couldn't imagine if i was the one who will be wearing a white gown like that. Shoot... sure cute macam princess in fairytale stories (could that be Cinderella?! tak rela youuuuuu) hahahaha!

Gimme a piece of (not sh*t ok?!) peace in my mind and soul... i got headache to see some people so easy treating other people like they are no senses at all! That person also need a piece of peace in their life, for god sake! I am sighing the moment i see those things keep on repeating in front of my…