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:: A Piece Of Peace... ::

September means a lot to me. My birthday falls in September and also my hubby's birthday...isn't that fated to be togetherrrr for the rest of our life? Hahaha.... I spent about a week in my mother in law's 'heaven' because Muazzam, he has training somewhere in PJ.

Yesterday I went to Debenhams, fuhh...I was crazy like sh*t to see those numbers - 50%, 70%!! hanging closed to me everywhere I go. And ended up with a white gown for (me...hehehehe) excuse me, for my princess Lydia. I couldn't imagine if i was the one who will be wearing a white gown like that. Shoot... sure cute macam princess in fairytale stories (could that be Cinderella?! tak rela youuuuuu) hahahaha!

Gimme a piece of (not sh*t ok?!) peace in my mind and soul... i got headache to see some people so easy treating other people like they are no senses at all! That person also need a piece of peace in their life, for god sake! I am sighing the moment i see those things keep on repeating in front of my two limpid eyes (shoot, limpid tuu...) While mumbling this, my ears are listening to this lovely song ~Soledad~ by westlife, the group i was crazy about when i was young (well heck, i am not that old as you think hahaha) I still remember last time, when i was in training for grooming skill, the facilitator told me "the older you get, the wiser you are". I am not sure about this, but to is something i must say 'aha...she is damn right, because i feel like one now' (Haaachummm!Excuse me, i am sneezing, it is not like i am sitting in a cold room... It is normal tho...everytime i say something like this to myself, my nose will first react hahahaahachummmmm again?)

I don't know what to say, but for me, like you want yourself to be in comfort zone sometimes (all the time), i guess so do the people around you, sometimes they need it too and please do comprehend them! There are people devoting themselves a lifetime to the loved ones and sadly, there are people taking a full advantage on this to ease their pain. Being stoical person, sometimes it can kill you softly in silence. It is ok for letting people know that you are hurt and suffered for what they did to you. We are humanbeing and it is normal to show others how we are suffering from something that we can't hide it anymore. When the time that we can't endure the long suffer with stoicism anymore, then let it out! Isshhh.. i need something to lower level of chemicals that relay pain in my body, because i can't stand to see those things! Ya ALLAH, please help...

We have so many choices right in front of our eyes and yet we choose to be in stoicism. What can i say more? But i know we can't simply sit stolid and silent to see other person is suffering from something that we know we can lend our hands and hearts to relieve it. Help them because of ALLAH swt. But will they changed one day? Hopefully. Like ALLAH swt said in beautiful Al-Quran : ALLAH sesekali tidak akan mengubah nasib seseorang sehinggalah mereka mengubah nasib mereka sendiri - Surah An Anfal, 53.

Till then, i pen off now. Got to go because Zafran is calling me "mama, jom la makan!". Ok jom baby!


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