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:: Is your First love, your True Love? ::

I was sprawled on the living room couch watching my favourite, encore - Glee while Zafran and Lydia landed safely on their bed. Zafran he is in the process of building a sentence with his own words. So cute when one day he said to me "Timekasih mama" after i gave him a glass of water. I scribble down some beautiful sentences by Zafran:

"Mama, jom la matok, tido jom" (while i was busy with my so called 'job', he came and asked me to go to the bedroom and sleep)

"Mama, tak mau pakai ni, tak mau baju ngantok" (after i bathed him at 6pm i thot i wanna put on him nightdress/baju tidur. Macam mana boleh jadi baju ngantok zafran...? Baju tidur la sayang...)

"Mama, tengok tu, Dia tido kusi" (He told me that Lydia slept on the sofa)

"Mama, comelnya.." (He compliment the new shirt that i bought for him)

So cute when Zafran is starting to say something in his own way. Precious moment in my life to witness the step by step process of my kids. L…