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Superman Returns

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... i have missed Superman Returns..... actually i like to see Brandon Routh, i mean the face, his face is so superman la! Muazzam said Superman Returns this time is not really 'kick' because they pick Brandon Routh to be the Superman. I asked "why?", then he answered, "because he is so damn handsome la....mana sesuai! One more thing, is too many love side than action la"

La...pulak dah! Boleh gitu?

I don't care what the reason is, I MUST SEE THE MOVIE! But it's too late now, the show is no more in the cinema i guess. Last week i was in my parent in law's house, actually i have something to do in KL, nanti la cerita panjang.... My father in law bought a Superman Returns dvd, i was so excited and started to watch it.

15 minutes later, i feel like i was watching Superman Returns in the hazy, you know la pirated dvd...but another 2 months, maybe i can get a 'clear, good, quality' pirated dvd for Superman Returns....(…

The Tailor Of Panama

One day when I was with my mom and dad going out for jalan-jalan, my mom said she needed a new blouse. So my dad and I, went over the boutiques in the shopping mall accompanying her to choose the best blouse. Too bad, after hundreds of blouse that we ‘scrutinized’, none of it hits her taste. So my dad asked my mom; "Awak nak yang macam mana?"
(What type of blouse are you looking for?)“Ala yang leher dia cekak musang tu..”
(I want something like, high collar..)And then I asked her;“Yang leher dia macam cheongsam tu ke mak?”
(You mean the collar like the ‘cheongsam’ one?)She replied;“Ha’ah yang tu la…kalau awak tengok rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia, ada pengacara tu pakai baju design tu, memang cantik la”
(Yess…exactly like that, if you watch the morning program by television, there is a host wearing the design that I want, it’s really exquisite)After we have been struggling to find that type of blouse, suddenly my father gave an idea;“Apa kata kita tempah aje? Lagi senang, nak ca…

Italia vs Francia

Don't shoot me if you could not understand what i am saying, because i also don't understand it.... Niente niente!Ciao comestai mi amiko, amika? Bello e quello, potere, volere, dovere.Fabio Cannavaro magnificiente, Gianluigi Buffon excellente, Alessandro DelPiero, Fabio Grosso, Toni Luca, Alberto Gilardino, Gennaro Gattuso, AndreaPirlo, Mauro Camoranesi, Inzaghi Filippo all grande come'e' buonaquesta pizza! Come'e' buono questo latte! Casa e' piccolo... queste fotografie sono brutte. Questi panini sono deliziosi. Buon divertimento. Francesco Totti, Marcello Lippi, Zambrotta. Ventisette quarantotto settantotto sessantuno qindici. Facciamo un po' di aritmetica. Le signore, equita cane lampo fragola correzione papa' fava. Io non sono mai a casa non puoi telefonar. Per carita sto a dieta non puo preparar una semplice macedonia di frutta? Voi portate dei fiori alla signora io porto un libro di cucina.

I have got all the Italian words from the internet, so…

Big Foot Sandcastle

from left: Zalina, me, Is, SPL and her Awisy

Last Saturday, i have joined in sandcastle competition that organized by 'my ex-company'. Muazzam did not want to join because he has something to do at home (Z z z z z z z z z z z.....good sleep for world cup). I was frustrated with one of my favourite team - Argentina did not make it mannn.... rasa macam nak terajang je tv semalam!! (feel like want to kick the tv!!). Muazzam also frustrated. We both 'dislike' Germany!!!

I went to Pantai Sepat with Zalina, also my best friend. A nite before that, i have called Zalina to confirm the time and she said;

"pukul 7 pagi aku ambik kau, jangan off kan handphone kau pulak, susah aku nanti!"
(i pick you at 7 am sharp, don't off your handphone, i will be in trouble!)

The meantime waiting for Zalina to arrive, 6.50 am i was like a very solehah (good) housewife, watering the grass at our compound (geeee...the first time in life i did this). Normally Muazzam will do this before …