Superman Returns

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... i have missed Superman Returns..... actually i like to see Brandon Routh, i mean the face, his face is so superman la! Muazzam said Superman Returns this time is not really 'kick' because they pick Brandon Routh to be the Superman. I asked "why?", then he answered, "because he is so damn handsome la....mana sesuai! One more thing, is too many love side than action la"

La...pulak dah! Boleh gitu?

I don't care what the reason is, I MUST SEE THE MOVIE! But it's too late now, the show is no more in the cinema i guess. Last week i was in my parent in law's house, actually i have something to do in KL, nanti la cerita panjang.... My father in law bought a Superman Returns dvd, i was so excited and started to watch it.

15 minutes later, i feel like i was watching Superman Returns in the hazy, you know la pirated dvd...but another 2 months, maybe i can get a 'clear, good, quality' pirated dvd for Superman Returns....(Do not attempt to follow this, say no to pirated dvd/cd, buy original! But i am not rich people, i don't work some more, can't afford to buy ori dvd/cd all the time mahh, so how mehh?) hahahahahahahahahaha


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