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When I say sorry, It doesn't mean I totally wrong!

I really miss my blog dowh. Ever since Eijaz Luqman been added into my life, everything that I take 'double dosage' before, becomes 'triple'. Everything is triple now! Thank You ALLAH for making this fun for me to treasure life. Ok, I want to write something that I thought it was worth sharing to the audience, well can I say this..mmm audience? Worth sharing? LOL

By the way, Eijaz is 1 year today. Happy birthday darling!

Where do I begin? You know what, sometimes I did what I thought was best...thought huh?! But normally it always turned out to something terrifically titanic, bombastic, gigantic and lastly bullshit..ooppsss mind my language. Ok, ok.. here we go; There's nothing I can really say... but sorry. But I would like to repeat, when I say sorry, it doesn't mean I totally wrong here, helllooooo!! I say sorry because I chose to say it. You know something, the word "sorry" is not a sword that can kill my pride and dignity. Whereas, it is like a …