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How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Feel like not talking today..... i turned on the radio, suddenly i heard this song by Toni Braxton.... and then i turned off the radio when the song completed. I was feeling so bad yesterday. When i was in the mom called me, she complaints why RTM did not show the game between Brazil and Ghana last nite. And then i said, "Mak call la RTM, tanya diaorang?" (Mom, why don't you call RTM, and ask them?). My mom laughed and so did i. We have chat in about half an hour. Talking about world cup. My mom is England die hard fan. I always argue with her, what is so good about England? And then she will ask me back, what are so good about Brazil, Spain and Italy? Hahahahahahahaha...

Hey! Did i say 'feel like not talking today'? Fortunately, i have my mom...she has spiced up my day!

Happy Mother's, Father's Day!

Mak dengan abah Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day! I love you both....

Some people say Mother's Day and Father's Day, we can celebrate it everyday, don't need to wait for that specific date to celebrate. That's absolutely right.

As i live and recall, i have never expressed how much i love my mak and abah. I mean verbally...say... I LOVE U, right in front of them. I don't know certain people out there, maybe it sounds normal for them to say 'Mom, i love you so much! Dad, I love you so much! And then they hug. As for me, I only kiss their hands when we shake hand. That's all. Is like know...i don't know how to explain it. I feel ashame to say it....why arr..? And deep inside my heart, i love my mak and abah so muchhh! We are very intimate actually....we laugh together, we share stories, we make jokes together but we don't kiss and hug like in the movie where the relationship between children and parents are so close, they h…

Miss Congeniality

Last time, when Monday comes...I feel like urgghhhhhh....un-exuberantly to start my day whenever i think about my unfinished work at the office (it was not happened every monday, all the times arr...sometimes only arr...) Sunday nite, Kak Eila or Putri called me or the other around, we were definitely talking the same topic like;

'Oi..sedihnya esok kerja, kalau ahad malam mesti aku rasa sedih je, apsal ek?' (Hey... we work sad, every sunday nite i must feel like so sad, why?)

Suddenly i was thinking about Miss Congeniality, you know.. the movie. I love this movie so much especially the soundtrack - ONE IN A MILLION. This is an excellent comedy which kept me laughing all the way. It was a thoroughly entertaining movie and very well worth seeing. I feel like watching it again. When you look at the both pictures above, which one is suppose to be crowned as Miss Congeniality, me or Sandra Bullock??? <<<< Muahahahahahahahahha...The correct perfect answer wil…

World Cup 2006

World Cup datang lagi.... Muazzam has forwarded me a world cup rules and regulations to obey (i don't think the rules are from FIFA). Muazzam memang soccer addict! When we were watching Germany vs Costa Rica last Friday, as usual, i have flooded him with so many questions. The questions were something like;

You sokong mana? (Which team are you?)
Kenapa Ballack tak main? (Ballack don't play?)
Referee tu orang mana? (The referee, where is he comes from?)
Apa nama coach Germany tu? I lupa la... (The Germany coach, what's his name? I forgot..)
Apa nama mamat tu? Hensemnya... (Who is that? What's his name? So handsome...)

It was so delightful when all my questions were answered. Since that all the questions were answered, i was eagerly to know 'every single thing' about the game. Then i asked him again,

You agak-agak bola tu berapa harga dia? (You guess... how much is it...the ball?)

And then he answered it with a very nice tone very soft....

You boleh tak d…

Sweet Home Kuching

Today i have booked my mom and dad's flight ticket to Kuching. My parents will be in Kuching on July 9 for a week. I was planned to join them, but i have to cancel due to my treatment schedule. I miss my hometown so much especially my grandfather. Last year i have chance to visit my relatives, i met them all. But i am still longing for them.... Last week my cousin - Ruby from Kuching called me, she said how wonderful if i could make myself on that 9th of July. She's quite close to me. Actually i can't wait to see her pictures taken while she was in Dubai last month. And soon she will be in Istanbul. Jealousnya aku!!!! Ada sesiapa yang kaya raya boleh taja aku tak?
Ok, back to my grandfather, i hardly talk to him over the phone because he has problem with his ears., but he is still in a good health and 'macho'. When i met him last year, that was so happy moment. You know when you talk with someone that has hearing problem, we have to speak out loud. In this case, i h…


Love that spinning roses! Last nite when Muazzam was busy with his World Cup, my mind just suddenly reminded of my lovely friends. Friendship is something that shouldn't stop. I have experienced a lot things in life about friendship. Some was bad, some was good. The sincerity in friendship, only your heart can tell....but as for me i don't really know how to judge people. When we start to shake hand with someone, it means the sign of friendship is already just begun.

I like to take example of the relationship between Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey in the comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S (minus the fallen in love, broken up, married and divorced la ye!). After been through a desultory relationship for so many times, finally they still hold on tight to each other. They have accepted the good and the bad of each other. They have given the good whenever the bad rushed in to each one of them.

Sometimes it's hard to know friend but it's easy to know good friend. Pe…

Lady Marmalade

I like the picture background. Credit to the photographer! That is Kak Eila with her lovely daughter – Fatih Eleasa, 11. Isn’t that this picture cute huh?! Actually she has 1 son and 2 daughters. Two of them are not in the picture. Hashriq – 19 and Fatih Eleanor – 13. We’ve been knowing each other for almost 12 years. Same goes to SPL, they both are like sisters to me. As I recall, we never have ‘domestic crisis’ in our relationship. I don’t know about taking it inside the heart….he he he he…rasanya takde kan…hope so! Ok back to Kak Eila, in our group she’s like an eldest sister to us. One thing I like the most about her, is her philosophy – DON’T DRAG YOUR PROBLEMS INTO THE FIELD, THERE IS A SPACE FOR YOU TO TREASURE THE MOMENT OF BLISS. DON’T BURDEN YOUR HEAD SO MUCH THINKING ABOUT THOSE PROBLEMS! She once told me something like that. That’s why I often seen her always smile. When I was looking for someone to share about the movies, songs especially Winter Sonata, she is the one! We…