Sweet Home Kuching

Today i have booked my mom and dad's flight ticket to Kuching. My parents will be in Kuching on July 9 for a week. I was planned to join them, but i have to cancel due to my treatment schedule. I miss my hometown so much especially my grandfather. Last year i have chance to visit my relatives, i met them all. But i am still longing for them.... Last week my cousin - Ruby from Kuching called me, she said how wonderful if i could make myself on that 9th of July. She's quite close to me. Actually i can't wait to see her pictures taken while she was in Dubai last month. And soon she will be in Istanbul. Jealousnya aku!!!! Ada sesiapa yang kaya raya boleh taja aku tak?

Ok, back to my grandfather, i hardly talk to him over the phone because he has problem with his ears., but he is still in a good health and 'macho'. When i met him last year, that was so happy moment. You know when you talk with someone that has hearing problem, we have to speak out loud. In this case, i have to speak out VERY loud. My grandfather told me; 'there is no use to live, if we are deaf. My life is too long, i am already 78 and i can't hear anything when you talk to me, better if i die'

It was so sad to hear when he said something like that. I know how hard being someone who has lost one of the sense. Because i have been through that experience last 2 years where my ear drum was 'burst'. Now, alhamdulillah i've got back my ear after i underwent the operation.

Oh ya....my brother, his wife - Aiza and Shasha will be arrived in KLIA tonite. They spend their 'school holidays' in Kuching. Just now i have received a sms from my Mak Teh saying that 'kek lapis strawberry is on the way'. Yahooooooooooooo....i miss kek lapis.... laksa sarawak, udang galah, terubuk masin, kuih cincin, tebaloi............arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...i miss them all so much....


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