Love that spinning roses! Last nite when Muazzam was busy with his World Cup, my mind just suddenly reminded of my lovely friends. Friendship is something that shouldn't stop. I have experienced a lot things in life about friendship. Some was bad, some was good. The sincerity in friendship, only your heart can tell....but as for me i don't really know how to judge people. When we start to shake hand with someone, it means the sign of friendship is already just begun.

I like to take example of the relationship between Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey in the comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S (minus the fallen in love, broken up, married and divorced la ye!). After been through a desultory relationship for so many times, finally they still hold on tight to each other. They have accepted the good and the bad of each other. They have given the good whenever the bad rushed in to each one of them.

Sometimes it's hard to know friend but it's easy to know good friend. People with phraseology background always says, good friend is someone who always by your side throughout your happiness and sadness. That is true. Now i know a few friends whom i can categorize in this phrase.

My dear friends...... thanks for being my friend! Happy Friendship Day.... (main hentam je wish) But consider that friendship day is everyday la ye... I love you all....


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