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:: The Downbeat ::

Have you ever experienced, when you are so happy with something, suddenly there's something unpredictable happens and it kills your mood immediately?
Sometimes, life is fueled by painful memories, I said sometimes. Recently, I was having a bit downbeat mood because of certain things. I can't give a doleful look on this matter, because I know I was being tested. Redha. Being acceptance is not easy and I know that. But...redha.
There was certain things in life, people..seemed to do such a perfect innocuous remark. They have no intention to offend or upset somebody buttttt.... they did eventually. They did not mean it, but still... they did. Fuhh! Human... they have brain, left and right composition but the way they think of something which is so simple, ... different, very different. You know what, sometimes they just can't differentiate things in front of their eyes, which one is supposed to be appreciated the most. Appreciate, appreciate.. an appreciative smile could be e…