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:: Venomous Words, The Murderer ::

Sometimes what you want is not what you get. And you feel devasted!
"Don't hope for something that obviously you know they are not meant for you"
Who told you this? Instinct
And how do you know that the person is not meant for you? Intuition
Sometimes you don't realize something that you don't wish for, could clouding your life with happiness forever! I see this happen in my life and yet it does happen in someone's life that i know. Thank you ALLAH.
Back in 2006 if i am not mistaken i blogged about friendship. About friendship that i have, about friends that very close to me. Friend... is ubiquitous but true friend is hardly to find. They are like a pearl, to get them, you have to dive deep down the ocean. Thru the hardship then only you find true friend. And again i thank you ALLAH for giving me a 'Fantastic 3'.
True friend is always trying to understand the emotion, the feeling of each other. Sharing beautiful moments together, not only sharing good thi…