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:: Impeccable Diet ::

I was having a debate with Muazzam last weekend about diet. Together with us, of course Mr. Iman Mishary Zafran. I guess he's just being never ending frowned judges. Firstly we went to drive thru McD to get some munchies (some munchies?!! I wonder we call McD Mega Mac some munchies!! hahaha) Actually we didn't take our lunch yet....(uwhhh..alright, whateva)

I have ordered Spicy Chicken McDeluxe well Muazzam with his LE Mega Mac. I can sniffed out his yummilicious, scrumptious Mega Mac when he opened up the box but i pretended like i did not have binge on it at all. Inside... i was screaming like least he offered me a bite! And then... he offered me 'You wanna have a bite?' Offer came right after he wolfed down almost all of it. He left me a little tiny piece of that Limited Edition Mega Mac!! Well...tragically, i ate it.

Ok, back to the topic on diet, i just 'brained out' the theories that i browsed from the books, internet, mags about diet, how to curb …

:: The Burgeoning Of Mother's Love ::

Mother’s Day is just around the corner… this weekend. When I was at yahoo page, the ads on Mother’s Day were there. When I switched on tv, the ads were there too, it coloured the tv screen. With bouquet of pink roses, boxes of gift….. I just stared at those ads…with my eyes watered. And when I turned on the radio, I heard a song by Boyz 2 Men – Mama. Again my tears dropped.

Last weekend my mother in law came to my house. I gave her a set of tupperware as mother’s day gift. Although the special day will be on May 11, I don't want to wait, no more waiting, I really learnt a lot from the past.

I read back my previous post - HAPPY MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S DAY. I cried like a baby. When I wrote that, I still have my parents. Then I let myself diving into the sea, searching for treasures called MEMORIES. As a prevalence, I will always wish my mother over the phone. Then I will take her out for lunch or dinner and not to forget, get her a gift. How can I forget those sweet things….

I still re…