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:: The Burgeoning Of Mother's Love ::

Mother’s Day is just around the corner… this weekend. When I was at yahoo page, the ads on Mother’s Day were there. When I switched on tv, the ads were there too, it coloured the tv screen. With bouquet of pink roses, boxes of gift….. I just stared at those ads…with my eyes watered. And when I turned on the radio, I heard a song by Boyz 2 Men – Mama. Again my tears dropped.

Last weekend my mother in law came to my house. I gave her a set of tupperware as mother’s day gift. Although the special day will be on May 11, I don't want to wait, no more waiting, I really learnt a lot from the past.

I read back my previous post - HAPPY MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S DAY. I cried like a baby. When I wrote that, I still have my parents. Then I let myself diving into the sea, searching for treasures called MEMORIES. As a prevalence, I will always wish my mother over the phone. Then I will take her out for lunch or dinner and not to forget, get her a gift. How can I forget those sweet things….

I still remember one day when I was so stubborn and angry if my mother said NO to my request, then my mother said, “Please listen to me, this is for your own good. One day if you have children then you know how I feel, why i do this and that, you will know...”
And I still remember one day when I was slothful to help her to do housework, let my bedroom cluttered, then my mother will definitely nagging at me and i will definitely putting my long face and sitting over the couch and pretending like nothing happen. That was used to be my not so good things, and now those not so good thing becomes sweet thing, in fact that was the sweetest things ever happened in my life, i miss all those things mak...I miss your voice telling me not to do this and that, I miss your voice giving me advises.....

Now I know how my mother feels….indeed! I am a mother now. Even Zafran is still a baby, I can feel how uneasy being a mother….I can feel the sacrifices that my mom had made just to make sure we have a good life. I know you did the best for us! Until now i can't find someone or something that can replace your love, your touch....i can't mak...

The burgeoning of mother's love is boundless. It will keep on growing rapidly, unbounded. A mother - is the epitome of great love. I would like to wish HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE including myself!
Without you
I won't be able to see the world
Without you
I won't be able to step on the earth
Without you
I won't be able to see the star, the sun and the moon
Without you
I won't be what i am now
Without you
I won't be here to let out my feelings
It is all because of you!

AL FATIHAH untuk mak n abah.


Megat Rosman said…
Hai Zafran and Mama-Tay.. Good write-up again.. Jgn bersedih. Cuba you letak kat blog you, traffic program yg boleh track siapa visit your blog. You tengok = i malas nak update blog ni ler..

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