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:: Between BUDGET & Being CALCULATIVE ::

So longggggg... i did not pop up in my blog. There are many reasons why. Do i need to list it down here? Ok la, i list a few of them;
1. I was really in bad 'whole day sickness' for 4 months early this year2. Getting OK from the sickness, but i was so damn allergic to the 'electronic devices'3. Busy with Mr. Iman Mishary Zafran4. Etc, etc, etc....
Well... i am beginning to scratch my 'un-itchy head' when i look at the title. There is something i wanna share here but lookk... where do i start mann? I thought it's easy like telling the audience about the power of Spiderman, Batman or Superman. But this one, suddenly i become speechless. Maybe the incident still haunted me until do i get this stupid thing out from my head??Ok I give example about one mega project 'in the progress' and of course when we talk about project there must be a budget, the stages: appraisal, planning and execution and so on bla bla bla and bla. But certain '…