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:: Firework ::

O i miss my blog.... it's already June and i am in Rejab. Bila la nak puasa Rejab ni? While blogging this, Muazzam is in Tokyo, Japan for work (bluwekkk...jeles aku!). My message for him - buy me a samurai shirt okeyy... When he was in Shanghai last month, my message didn't reach him clearly i guess, to get me a decorative plate, but he bought me chinese tea (takde barang lain ke? hahaha) But i know he went there for work not for pleasure!

Ok, when Muazzam was not home.....(yahoooooo!) I went to several places;

Burberry Counter
Etude House

omg! i really love burberry lipstick, the case especially. So elegant and it looks so damn exclusive! And i also like the pattern on the lipstick itself, it makes me so sayang nak pakai (pulak dahhh..!)

the thing is that, i can't get korean stuff out from my head right after i watched winter sonata, the korean drama series back then (fgs! it's been almost 10 years now babe..) So, i went to etudehouse, i just loved the eyebrow p…