:: Firework ::

O i miss my blog.... it's already June and i am in Rejab. Bila la nak puasa Rejab ni? While blogging this, Muazzam is in Tokyo, Japan for work (bluwekkk...jeles aku!). My message for him - buy me a samurai shirt okeyy... When he was in Shanghai last month, my message didn't reach him clearly i guess, to get me a decorative plate, but he bought me chinese tea (takde barang lain ke? hahaha) But i know he went there for work not for pleasure!

Ok, when Muazzam was not home.....(yahoooooo!) I went to several places;

Burberry Counter
Etude House

omg! i really love burberry lipstick, the case especially. So elegant and it looks so damn exclusive! And i also like the pattern on the lipstick itself, it makes me so sayang nak pakai (pulak dahhh..!)

the thing is that, i can't get korean stuff out from my head right after i watched winter sonata, the korean drama series back then (fgs! it's been almost 10 years now babe..) So, i went to etude house, i just loved the eyebrow pencil, it works nice on my eyebrow, so smooth and the color also perfect on me. I also loved the design of the pencil, so easy to apply.

...again korean stuff. i went to shizens, to get the magic lipstick but unfortunately it was out of stock (i was frustrated, i feel like to scream 'whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt out of stock???) And then the sales person did a promotion on shizens mascara n eye charm. 'why not you try first, you have nice eye lashes' (ini nak suruh aku beli la ni, puji bagai) but then i just let her tried on my lashes selepas kena puji. I tell you...it was something miraculous happened. And the girl said to me 'now you looked like korean already!' Ok, no more compliment i just couldn't stand it, 'ok i take this and this'. I bought the mascara and the eye charm. Ya ALLAH, habis duit aku di situ! And then the girl said to me 'miss, you want to try our compact powder, 2 in 1'. I said i was quite in hurry, but my heart said 'ok put it on'. Shoott... They are just magic... my face looked flawless and of course - 'now you looked like korean actress already!' (hahahahaha i make up this sentence myself) Ok i will get it next time...... Shizens you just stay there and wait for me to come.

Smell like a Miss Dior Cherie here... yes! yes! yes! I got it babe! Together with the diorific must have lipstick - Ocre Chic, one of my favourite color ever. Dior is always gonna be my favourite since i was 19. When i got my first salary, i went straight to Dior just to get a lipstick and a compact powder. That night i slept with them. Crazy! I can't even imagine my feeling right now, when all of these lying in my make up pouch. I feel like a firework! Fly high to the sky and sparks the night with beautiful light and color.

My next item to grab (it is in my wishlist btw...anyway my wishlist..they are never going to decrease tho) - Guilty by Gucci....wait for momma dear, momma is going to take you home baby..

Ok i am done ramblings!


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