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:: En el mes de agosto, bizi y especial ::

August is a busy month for me. Not only the athletes in Olympic are busy... but i am busy with Weddinglympic ok! Can i say this....weddinglympic?!! Muahahaha My job as a ’wedding planner’ for the wedding gifts preparation quite a challenge task thou.. It was a hard work, but i didn’t mind doing it again and again. Anyway, alhamdulillah Muazzam’s cousin seemed to love the result so much! Cantik siot...hahahahaha aku sendiri angkat bakul. The theme color was brown, always my fav color. On top of that, I have wedding invitation 3 weeks in row, o myyy.... 2 attended, 1 more to go this weekend. And then we will be heading up to Malacca to celebrate Muazzam’s cousin whom will be departed for Spain after Hari Raya. Tengo la camisa negra hoy mi amor esta de luto, hoy tengo en el alma uno pena....y es por culpa de tu embrujo... yeehahahahaha don’t get headache thou, it is just a spanish song lyric belongs to spanish singer, JUANES. I love his songs and his macho look of course... and that'…