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:: I always imagined... ::

Last time I always imagined one day i would be a violinist, sitting on a chair on a stage with a very exquisite red gown, playing the violin with one of my very favourite evergreen song - Love Story by Andy Williams. And then... of course the audience gives me standing ovation for the the brilliant show. It must be great if i really have a chance to play that magical instrument. It has so calm and smooth sound to my ears. Fuhh... it was just a dream, besides who would have guessed a person like me turned out to be someone like that? But i like it... berangan je kerja aku!

I almost taken the violin class back then but time did not allow me to do so. Well i have to vanish the insanity because i think i have many more important things to do. And after i have Zafran and Lydia in my life... then i started to realize something is more necessarily to do other than anything in whole life. But then the imagination about the violinist things still glued in my mind... heyyy nothing is wrong with …