:: I always imagined... ::

Last time I always imagined one day i would be a violinist, sitting on a chair on a stage with a very exquisite red gown, playing the violin with one of my very favourite evergreen song - Love Story by Andy Williams. And then... of course the audience gives me standing ovation for the the brilliant show. It must be great if i really have a chance to play that magical instrument. It has so calm and smooth sound to my ears. Fuhh... it was just a dream, besides who would have guessed a person like me turned out to be someone like that? But i like it... berangan je kerja aku!

I almost taken the violin class back then but time did not allow me to do so. Well i have to vanish the insanity because i think i have many more important things to do. And after i have Zafran and Lydia in my life... then i started to realize something is more necessarily to do other than anything in whole life. But then the imagination about the violinist things still glued in my mind... heyyy nothing is wrong with that, isn't? Nothing can shatter my dreams...

Years passing by..., i thought i have blanketed all the day dreams with my routine activities at home, unfortunately it still stuck in my head but the precentage a bit decreased. When i look at Joshua Bell, Vanessa Mae, fuhh..they are great. And then i always imagined one day i would be sitting in row with them playing the violin (sure lari tempo and disebabkan aku, konsert depa kena baling telur tembelang)

And then, it's not end there, after being successful violinist for years (berangan lagi), i always imagined that one day i would be a writer. I love romantic books so much! I may not be a person who experienced a lot of love chapters in my life but i can guarantee that my words can melt people and they unsconciously weeping only to see the hardcover of my books (we want more story! we want more story!! please don't quit, we want more!!) hahahaha.. see.. the eagerness? I am not trying to gloat on myself... but don't you see it?

Am i having a brain damage here? or something wrong with my nerve? Having a disfunctional brain sometimes it helps lower your blood pressure and calm your mind! (i am laughing like a vampire!) Am i right or am i right..? And my heart whispered; Salah tu, nak tenangkan fikiran pergi baca Al Quran, solat... (obviously i am wrong)

Zafran is sitting on the couch, his gaze darting at my face i guess..but i pretend i don't notice it at all. I think i know what he has on his mind (he must be thinking - my mom is typing some rambles againn... ) I am so good in translation! Well.. i got it son. A bit quandary inside when i see his face like that.. and i started to think (Should i spend half an hour on this square flat screen and let him alone there?) Without chagrin, i continue rambling... (hehehee) Sorry darling, i just couldn't stop my fingers...see they just dancing softly on the keyboard...how to stop it? Helppp...

Where is Lydia by the way? Oohh.. She is tightly sleeping in the cradle (alhamdulillah hehehe).

While typing this, my ear drums g0t strike by million words from the lips of my 'lonely' prince. He asks me so many questions which i don't know what the questions are (zafran with world languages). As usual my answer ...in a lazy drawl (in a lazy drawl when the question reach the max numbers) : Ye ke? O Macam tu yee... brilliant anak mama ni...! Zafran boleh tak simpan semua soalan tu untuk esok pulak? Hehehehe

Ok back to where 'i always imagined'.... Wait a minute... do i hear a song called Killing Me Softly With His Song...? Yes you do. This is one of my favourite song... i wish i can play this song with my invisible violin.

I heard he sang a song

I heard he had a style

And so i came to see him and listen for a while

And there he was a young boy, stranger to my eyes

Strumming my pain with his fingers

Singing my life with his words

Killing me softly with this song, killing me softly with his words

Telling my whole life with his words

Killing me softly with his words....

Okeyy enough rambling for today!


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