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:: Dilapidated Masterpiece ::

Anhyoung haseyo! Junsang ar.. hehehe

Zafran had spilled his drink again. Yesterday he did. Again, a day before yesterday he did. I did calculate, a day he spilt at least 3 times. And then, it was not end there... followed by Lydia. She did the same thing. 2 hours after Zafran's turn, then she takes turn. Fuhh...I am not gonna reveal how many times Lydia spills something on the floor. All i know, she is the winner!!

Muazzam came back from work with balloon set in his hand, the colorful balloons and the pump. He learned from the youtube how to make a balloon animal., a giraffe for a start. Wow it was so interesting moment when i looked at Zafran and Lydia, they seemed crazy over it. When they get bored with the balloons then they wanted to play with the.....................................PUMP. Siap nangis-nangis berebut kan pump tu. Geram aku! Then aku geram sangat, aku bagi pump basikal Muazzam dekat Lydia. Terus dia diam nangis. Hehehe problem solved! Then i thought the problem is …