:: Dilapidated Masterpiece ::

Anhyoung haseyo! Junsang ar.. hehehe

Zafran had spilled his drink again. Yesterday he did. Again, a day before yesterday he did. I did calculate, a day he spilt at least 3 times. And then, it was not end there... followed by Lydia. She did the same thing. 2 hours after Zafran's turn, then she takes turn. Fuhh...I am not gonna reveal how many times Lydia spills something on the floor. All i know, she is the winner!!

Muazzam came back from work with balloon set in his hand, the colorful balloons and the pump. He learned from the youtube how to make a balloon animal., a giraffe for a start. Wow it was so interesting moment when i looked at Zafran and Lydia, they seemed crazy over it. When they get bored with the balloons then they wanted to play with the.....................................PUMP. Siap nangis-nangis berebut kan pump tu. Geram aku! Then aku geram sangat, aku bagi pump basikal Muazzam dekat Lydia. Terus dia diam nangis. Hehehe problem solved! Then i thought the problem is solved, 30 minutes after that, i heard Lydia was crying. It turned out Zafran took the bicycle pump from her. Then i said to Zafran, 'exchange please...give your sister the balloon pump'. Zafran refused to do it, both pumps in his hands. Then..[light bulbbbb...!] i gave Lydia the ball pump (now i realized that we have so many pumps in the house rupanya). Lydia immediately stopped crying. Then I saw Zafran's eye balls seemed rolling. I said to him - 'don't you ever think about it!'
There go a story about my two lil precious!

Now i am thinking of my so called 'Shakespeare and Picasso' masterpiece (lol!). Last nite i looked at my dilapidated drive. I must finish it. It's been 3 years now babe! Go! Go! Aja aja fighting!!! Nobody heard of my soliloquy that nite except for Lydia. Nevermind she didn't comprehend anyway. But she looked at me with her dilated eyes. Something that i must finish, i put the dateline, say by middle of this year i must finish it (Actually it was like this years before but it is still the same) hehehe Oh gosh i need to finish it! The person in the image up there also encourage me to finish it, he said 'Sarangheyo.. aja aja fighting!' hahahahaha (in my dream, a dream that will never come true)

Well, i don't really know what to say on what i am facing right now. I hope 2011 gonna bring more good things in my life, but what i observe now, it turns to something that i don't wish for. But it is ok, I have HIM. Discovering that sometimes our own flesh and blood hasn't been clicked to what you have hoped for. Somebody has been pulling on our legs that easy and we just let them keep on pulling. Where is faith? Where is dignity? Where is principle? This is what happened when money can buy everything, the same connotation that i used to hear again and again. So sad. I am truly sad with what happened now. I must stick to decision that i have made and be strong physically and emotionally and get ready to fight! Allahuakbar

Sometimes some people around you love to see you prostrated on the ground because of the untrue story they made for you. They are not trying to douse the flame but they love to treat the flame with oil! They love to see you burnt. Some people would love to hear untrue things than the truth. Some people would love to hear from the liar than the person that they have known for years, from the people that they claimed as flesh and blood or maybe a best friend. Some people would love to see you weep in the dark room, then you feel like suffocated and die alone... Is this what they really want? Sometimes we simply believed that a person that closed to us, whom you think you could share your thoughts and feelings, whom you think could understand you.... out of sudden, actually they were not like what you thought. When the trust has been betrayed, there is no more left for the person.

I just met this type of people. It turned out they are just sitting next right to me and i don't realize it at all, all this while?! I am sighing... anyway stop whining, it is not good and won't do any good to you. HE loves me then HE tested me with this. I redha.

Ok, i am done talking. Hoping there will be more more more happy days still ahead for our life!


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