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:: Chilling Portraits Of The Life ::

I used to be a diffident person. Sometimes i seem baffled at my own decision, thought and could be anything that comes along my way. I don't have that audacity to share my perspectives with others, I would rather to keep it safely inside than throw it out. Well, this is not i am gonna talk long about because i have changed now! Big changed! ;)

Today l learned spanish language through online. It was so fun. Last month i was crazy over korean language until i can speak a little in korean. Mianhanda, Saranghanda... don't you think it is cute? (the only words that really easy to remember hehehehe) I love to learn foreign language but it is not serious. Muazzam encourages me to learn arabic and i almost taking the course in Islamic International University back then. But it was only a dream...and i have big dream that comes true in my life after that >> Zafran and Lydia, i love you both. And momma would like to reiterate, I love you, I love you, I love youuu muahhhhhh!!

As 2010 comes close to the end, there is a huge question mark on my head - What have i done good for the past 365 days? Half of myself feels the best way not think on this, because the more i think of it, the more i couldn't find one hahahahaha! Come on.... it couldn't be it. I am not an evil person!

I had a good year of myself. Being a stay home mom, with two little cuties, am busy with them 24/7, every beat of my heart is praying for them...what else? I am not gonna alphabetize it, but when all four lines up here rolled into one, enough said that my past 365 days were very meaningful and indeed indescribable by feeling or word.. Alhamdulillah, thank you ALLAH.

2010 - four numbers in one line that full of beautiful anecdotes/tests for some people. I have accepted those with open heart and mind thinking that HE loves me more by giving such another great year. 2010 witnessed how a woman's heart cumbled and crumpled because of something unpredictable. 2010 seen how a friendship stayed strong despite the 'juicy gossips'. 2010 it was like a juice mixer for me. Nice juice it depends on how you mix it. If you mix apple with carrot, and definitely the taste is slightly different already. With the different taste, could be you like it or not, you have to take it if you have no choice. If you do have choice, it is so simple - you throw the not so nice one and do another one. Life is more juicier, if you know how to make a nice juice with an effervescent of happiness. Try to mix apple with strawberry.... the taste will be wowww......and when you drink it, it seeps down your throat and soul (O-o..i think i started to ramble here).

Since i started with some rambles, let me end something also with some rambles. When your life is full of chilling portraits, you are definitely feel chillax and love your life up to the max. You don't have to have talent or special skill to churn out chilling portraits of your life. The most important thing is believing in yourself, confident and try harder to make your life beautiful and seeing it with your two eyes, by your own perspective without comparing with others.

Ok chow...


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