:: The Day I Lost You ::

The day I lost you, it was tormented moment

The day I lost you, it was suffered

The day I lost you, it was full of sadness

The day I lost you, it was full of darkness

The day I lost you, i felt pain

The day I lost you, i felt lonely

The day I lost you, i felt the life seemed liveliness

and the day I lost you, i felt lost...

Losing someone you love is never easy thing to handle. I used to have suffered inside. Outside, i can be the most happiest person and no one even noticed it. That day, life was like totally consumed by sorrow., lost of words suddenly. What was going on inside...., no one can feel what you feel until they face the same thing, then they know how it feels.

The day i lost my parents, i feel like myself had plummeted on the ground, like never seemed to get up. The first morning i wake up, knowing that i have lost them, i feel the true emptiness and loneliness. Then i know what is actually emptiness, loneliness means to me. I used to read and hear about people being lonely when they lost their loved ones and i just feel sorry. I just didn't know how exactly they feel that time until one day.. it was my turn to feel it, i was the chosen one to face the test. And then you know suddenly the world sleeps... and never seems to wake up.

Have you ever been in the situation where you feel like you were torn between feeling lonely and feeling empty? As the word 'torn'... it hurts, you feel lost and abandoned. The situation that time, was really pulling me down and i stayed in the room with my tears just like torrential rain that never seemed to stop. And.....
I thank you ALLAH for giving strength and making me this strong till now.


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