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:: Funny ::


Hello! Mmm...I am still lachrymose over the last paragraph of my writing on Dec 9, 2017. I will always pray you BaitulMaqdis, Palestinians.
I am going to write about funny things happened in my life. A lot. But I will pick one of them, which scored to my heart and mind up till now. The top funny story I guess, I update my blog once a year. I almost forget how to write, where to start and I am sitting on my chair, staring at my flowery stapler! Macam tak lawak je!
Ok, let's not talk about funny things because it was not funny. A serious thing comes up suddenly. Days ago, I have seen a scenario, which I guess it was none of my business to say something about it. But as a human being with a heart, my brain told 'something is not right happening in front of eyeballs'. When a person with a family, but suddenly behave like they are not. When they think life is like a balloon, always waiting for people to feed the gas..and hooray I am going to the moon! 
Can you imagi…