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Hello! Mmm...I am still lachrymose over the last paragraph of my writing on Dec 9, 2017. I will always pray you BaitulMaqdis, Palestinians.

I am going to write about funny things happened in my life. A lot. But I will pick one of them, which scored to my heart and mind up till now. The top funny story I guess, I update my blog once a year. I almost forget how to write, where to start and I am sitting on my chair, staring at my flowery stapler! Macam tak lawak je!

Ok, let's not talk about funny things because it was not funny. A serious thing comes up suddenly. Days ago, I have seen a scenario, which I guess it was none of my business to say something about it. But as a human being with a heart, my brain told 'something is not right happening in front of eyeballs'. When a person with a family, but suddenly behave like they are not. When they think life is like a balloon, always waiting for people to feed the gas..and hooray I am going to the moon! 

Can you imagine a balloon without the gas, how is it look like? Macam malas kan? Diam terdampar, bila masuk angin baru rajin nak terbang! When you decide to make another step to the next phase of life, please be serious with it! Yes, we need people to help when we need help, but do not simply take a chance on the kindness of others. Your intention... that counts everything. Remember that. 

 Firman Allah swt dalam Surah Az-Zalzalah ayat 99:7-8 maksudnya:
"Barang siapa yang mengerjakan kebaikan seberat zarah pun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya. Dan barang siapa yang mengerjakan kejahatan seberat zarah pun, niscaya dia akan melihat (balasan) nya pula."

Ya Allah, I am so scared of your verses. Kifarah is exist folks! Beware. I am imperfect. But my imperfection does not make me an idle brain, just stay quiet as if nothing happens. Please wake up before it is too late to wake up! Allah swt still give us chance and space to change to be a better person, be a better person because of You Ya Rabb...


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