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::: Forever Never.. NO! :::


Ya ALLAH! I did not expect that I still remember my user id and password for the blog. I am sorry for letting you go just like that ... oh my blog, I really miss you but you know, as time goes by, so fast, I have a lot of things to catch up in my life. Zafran, Lydia and Eijaz, they are doing so well, alhamdulillah. And not to forget my love, I love u💖. You are such a ball of sunshine to my life and you got to remember this anywhere you go dear😉

I thought the sky is clearing this morning, but suddenly the raining starts pouring down heavily, all day long and I said "Allahumma Soiyyiban Naafi'a" Aamiin..

I can't pretend that I got nothing to do right now. With a glass of plain water, some butterscotch biscuits made of grandma wilds on the table, suddenly I think of a movie that I recorded last four nights.. o myy.. why I just can't get it out of my head? Me Before You.. oh no!! I am very sure some of you ..or maybe all of you out there have seen this movie or at least heard about the novel. I love Sam Caflin just like I love Will Traynor, can I say this? Hahaha Am I being biased? Heyy I love Louisa Clark too. LOL

I remember back then when I was a Titanic fanatic, been watching it for hundred times as if I did the screenplay scripts..and I went to bed with my head questioning..which character are you in Titanic?! Ya Allah..I am so stupid but this is something I love to do. Of course I am Rose Dewitt Bukater, be able to say this right to the eyes of Jack Dawson "You jump, I jump remember?" LOL Wohh...and I can feel that this is going to be 'historic recurrence' and I am watching Me Before You right now with smiling on my face..gosh it is my 9th times watching Lou and Will!!

After I have done with that 'historic recurrence' things. I got a call from a friend. A close friend of mine. We were chatting until my battery went dead. Fuhh.. nothing much we talked, but it was something incomplete if we didn't talk about movies. Bila la nak insaf kau nakkk? Soonn..:D Ok I am done ramblings. Actually what I have just written, it wasn't all matters to me. Something else.. 

Something that makes my heart broken and shattered into pieces, and I must be very serious on this. I think everyone in the world right now heard about it. I am so sad about the news that usa president intends to declare Jerusalem (BaitulMaqdis) as the capital city of israel. I am feeling devastated and crushed. It brought tears to my eyes and heart. I will never be able to accept this fact forever!! NEVER! NO! Ya ALLAH, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Malik, Ya Quddus, Ya Salam, Ya Jabbar.. please save BaitulMaqdis, please Ya ALLAH...pleasee...Aamiin Ya Robbal 'Alamin..



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