:: Life is like a dark chocolate ::


Sometimes life is like a dark chocolate, sweet..and yet bitter...Hahaha hihihi huhuhu.  I am little bit crazy over my blogging this time, because finally I have a chance to blog (macam bagus pulak ku rasa phewww). The title for the article today, I just suddenly have thought about it. Well, actually it is up to you to make your life bitter or sweet. Even though you would never know what is coming to you next..,  try to think positive no matter what the taste will be, remember...there is always a reason behind it. Ok, I would try that ...(sambil geleng kepala 10x hahaha)

Being silent, it doesn't mean I am rejecting my routines as a normal person. Normal ke? Hahaha... How to start ramble with my blog after such a long quiet? I think I am gonna share some feelings that I feel when I see someone's face recently. She was so sad over something. How do I tackle this? Because she is just a kid. 6-year-old kid, at this age, kid normally hungered for love and attention not only from their parents but also from people around them, especially relatives, people that they love and trust.

Have you ever experienced when someone around you, playing favorite towards your family members? I think this is the most difficult situation/problem to solve. Because it involves someone's heart...bila hati dah suka! But don't they know this is the most damaging problem in 'society'? When they don't favor you, no matter what you do good to them, you will get the same treatment, unfair treatment...that's the best word to say. As if you are getting cheated in the long run. When this issue being raised up, for sure someone will automatically judge you a kind of person who expects more in return. You are wrong babe! If you are normal, have a brain, have a heart, you won't simply come out with this quote. Can I just say this - You don't walk my journey, so you won't be able to understand the winding road that I am facing.

Then I started to realize, something has come to my senses. I wanna teach my kids to understand the whole story, the whole situation, the whole wide world why the kid is being "slash away" by someone she loves. But it is not easy as you pluck the roses at the beautiful garden and smell it. Eh boleh peribahasa baru aku tu? I wanna tell them, that the world is not the place for you to get whatever you want, whatever you dream of! Because Allah swt created this world for us to worship Him and do the good things. I hope some day they will get it, ok Lydia? I wanna tell you my love is always for you dear. People around you may not understand you, but I do. Semoga Zafran, Lydia and Eijaz sentiasa berada di dalam lindungan Allah swt, aamiin ...

To those who loves practicing favoritism, and pretend not to notice people around who gets hurt by your action or maybe you don't even care about their feelings at all ... I don't simply have a word to say except for - keep on doing that, because one day, at any time in your life... the bouncing ball will bounce back to you! 

"Sikap pilih kasih atau tidak adil dilarang dalam Islam. Nabi Muhammad s.a.w melarang umatnya bersikap pilih kasih atau tidak adil dengan anak-anak. Jadi cubalah ikut sunnah. Ya Allah jangan jadikan aku seorang hambaMu yang pilih kasih dan berlaku tidak adil ke atas anak-anakku, aamiinn..."


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