::: egoista :::

egoista, you should pronounce it as "ay hoi yista" ha ha ha ha suddenly i use this spanish word to be the title. It means selfish.

I don't care who says what, but the most important thing is, I get what I want. It sounds selfish, but sometimes when we have no choice, we have to choose to be like one.

I see with my two eyes, some people being selfish just because they want to run away from something that burden them. I don't see this normal and yet it becomes normal to them. Ya ALLAH, please don't make me like them, aamiin. I am not perfect, but not in the world I will use the imperfect portion to "slave" someone else. It is ok to seek help, but to "slave".. it will become different story already mahhh...

Sometimes they said, Ooo I have no intention? or didn't mean it? What does it mean, when you started to do it over and over and over again? Is that you called "no intention" or "didn't mean it". Worse than that, after what you did, you feel not guilty at all.

Stop faking and stop being a liar! Whatever we do, please remember this : ALLAH knows what is inside-out of you, He knows your heart and He knows what is in your mind.

Busy with my life with beautiful gifts from Him - Zafran, Lydia and Eijaz. I  have no chance to update my blog past few months because right now Eijaz, he kind of busy with my lappy, so how? Tell me how to solve this?

Lastly - being authentic is not a mistake!


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