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:: Funny ::


Hello! Mmm...I am still lachrymose over the last paragraph of my writing on Dec 9, 2017. I will always pray you BaitulMaqdis, Palestinians.
I am going to write about funny things happened in my life. A lot. But I will pick one of them, which scored to my heart and mind up till now. The top funny story I guess, I update my blog once a year. I almost forget how to write, where to start and I am sitting on my chair, staring at my flowery stapler! Macam tak lawak je!
Ok, let's not talk about funny things because it was not funny. A serious thing comes up suddenly. Days ago, I have seen a scenario, which I guess it was none of my business to say something about it. But as a human being with a heart, my brain told 'something is not right happening in front of eyeballs'. When a person with a family, but suddenly behave like they are not. When they think life is like a balloon, always waiting for people to feed the gas..and hooray I am going to the moon! 
Can you imagi…
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::: Forever Never.. NO! :::


Ya ALLAH! I did not expect that I still remember my user id and password for the blog. I am sorry for letting you go just like that ... oh my blog, I really miss you but you know, as time goes by, so fast, I have a lot of things to catch up in my life. Zafran, Lydia and Eijaz, they are doing so well, alhamdulillah. And not to forget my love, I love u๐Ÿ’–. You are such a ball of sunshine to my life and you got to remember this anywhere you go dear๐Ÿ˜‰

I thought the sky is clearing this morning, but suddenly the raining starts pouring down heavily, all day long and I said "Allahumma Soiyyiban Naafi'a" Aamiin..

I can't pretend that I got nothing to do right now. With a glass of plain water, some butterscotch biscuits made of grandma wilds on the table, suddenly I think of a movie that I recorded last four nights.. o myy.. why I just can't get it out of my head? Me Before You.. oh no!! I am very sure some of you ..or maybe all of you out there have seen this…

:: Life is like a dark chocolate ::


Sometimes life is like a dark chocolate, sweet..and yet bitter...Hahaha hihihi huhuhu.  I am little bit crazy over my blogging this time, because finally I have a chance to blog (macam bagus pulak ku rasa phewww). The title for the article today, I just suddenly have thought about it. Well, actually it is up to you to make your life bitter or sweet. Even though you would never know what is coming to you next..,  try to think positive no matter what the taste will be, remember...there is always a reason behind it. Ok, I would try that ...(sambil geleng kepala 10x hahaha)
Being silent, it doesn't mean I am rejecting my routines as a normal person. Normal ke? Hahaha... How to start ramble with my blog after such a long quiet? I think I am gonna share some feelings that I feel when I see someone's face recently. She was so sad over something. How do I tackle this? Because she is just a kid. 6-year-old kid, at this age, kid normally hungered for love and attention no…

::: egoista :::

egoista, you should pronounce it as "ay hoi yista" ha ha ha ha suddenly i use this spanish word to be the title. It means selfish.

I don't care who says what, but the most important thing is, I get what I want. It sounds selfish, but sometimes when we have no choice, we have to choose to be like one.

I see with my two eyes, some people being selfish just because they want to run away from something that burden them. I don't see this normal and yet it becomes normal to them. Ya ALLAH, please don't make me like them, aamiin. I am not perfect, but not in the world I will use the imperfect portion to "slave" someone else. It is ok to seek help, but to "slave".. it will become different story already mahhh...

Sometimes they said, Ooo I have no intention? or didn't mean it? What does it mean, when you started to do it over and over and over again? Is that you called "no intention" or "didn't mean it". Worse than that, af…

:: Ramadhan, sekali lagi kita bertemu... ::

"but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not" Surah Al Baqarah : 216
Feel like I was beaten, my chest was stabbed hundred times by those beautiful words but it seems no bruises and blood. Sometimes, may happen that I think of something good should always be mine all the time and ask myself  "why don't I get this and that, why and why?" When my eyes glued to word by word on the tafsir page, then I learned something. Really learned a lot!

Someone whining at me about his/her life is not like how he/she has planned it. I am not perfect either, I was like him/her before. As I grow older, in the state of being fully grown and developed, I have come to realize something;
....actually we are not a real planner, The real and The greatest Planner of all is ALLAH. He knows what is best for you...
So, the conclusion is - we are not a planner for our lives as pe…

:: The Downbeat ::

Have you ever experienced, when you are so happy with something, suddenly there's something unpredictable happens and it kills your mood immediately?
Sometimes, life is fueled by painful memories, I said sometimes. Recently, I was having a bit downbeat mood because of certain things. I can't give a doleful look on this matter, because I know I was being tested. Redha. Being acceptance is not easy and I know that. But...redha.
There was certain things in life, people..seemed to do such a perfect innocuous remark. They have no intention to offend or upset somebody buttttt.... they did eventually. They did not mean it, but still... they did. Fuhh! Human... they have brain, left and right composition but the way they think of something which is so simple, ... different, very different. You know what, sometimes they just can't differentiate things in front of their eyes, which one is supposed to be appreciated the most. Appreciate, appreciate.. an appreciative smile could be e…

:: It Was Never A Dull Moment ::

Wedding anniversary is a time where we look back at the good times for the past years and we then always look ahead for the beautiful dreams together to live in. Under that, it is also a celebration for the love and trust and  of course not forgetting the partnership. Those are great basic foundation for a relationship. Goshhh... why am i telling the definition on this, i think everyone out there knows what this all about. Anyway let's forget it. I tell you what... I was just celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, Alhamdulillah.. and I must thank you ALLAH for the good times (and also the bad) that we have been through together. Without Him we won't be this far gone. I remember some people said about we can't buy love... it is true. But sometimes, it depends on some cases, we can buy love but we can't buy happiness. We can't never ever buy happiness because it is a gift from ALLAH. Being acceptance is the only key to happiness that lasts forever.

......and actu…