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:: Oh! Ramadhan... ::

Oh! Ramadhan.., how i wish you could stay longer, but i know when the time comes, you have to go.. no matter what.
Commercial break : I have been so occupied lately with Zafran and Lydia of course. Lydia she seemed to get fascinated by the 'unfamiliar' world that Zafran is teaching her. Zafran had brought her into the reallllll world! Yeehaaaaa! Thank you boy.. They are busier than me actually.
I feel something.. i do feel something in turns out, 3rd Ramadhan without abah and mak. Abah, mak i really miss you so much. I feel really connected with you especially in Ramadhan. Used to be a lot of things we did last time in Ramadhan. I love Ramadhan so much because it reminds me of you both each second of my day, it also palliate my sadness, loneliness because of you both. Abah, mak.. i never stop thinking of you, missing you... only HE knows how i feel. Sad... in this Ramadhan, i lost my beloved grandfather on August 24. Al Fatihah untuk arwah nenek, semoga ALLAH m…