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:: Incredible Journey ::

It was very daunting that early morning on June 27 at 3.30am and there was something wrong with my pregnancy. There was a leakage but i did not feel any contractions. At the hospital, i was lying on bed for hours frantically throughout the morning until the doctor decided to perform c section at 10.30am. My baby girl was born one month earlier. I supposed to be delivered on July 27 but anyway alhamdulillah everything went well. The doctor said to me 'Your baby is smart, she decides for you' Hahahahahahaha smart sungguh!

First week it was really tough moment taking care of premature baby. Luckily my mom in law was here, so she helped me a lot. If not i don't know what to say or do... and again, maybe i must be nibbling at my fingernails with a huge question mark on my head thou 'HOW DO I DO THIS?? SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'

Hai...belum apa2 aku dah kelam kabut tahap transformers, itu baru dua beb! Arwah mak dulu 5 orang...termasuk aku yg berperangai... ma…