:: Incredible Journey ::

It was very daunting that early morning on June 27 at 3.30am and there was something wrong with my pregnancy. There was a leakage but i did not feel any contractions. At the hospital, i was lying on bed for hours frantically throughout the morning until the doctor decided to perform c section at 10.30am. My baby girl was born one month earlier. I supposed to be delivered on July 27 but anyway alhamdulillah everything went well. The doctor said to me 'Your baby is smart, she decides for you' Hahahahahahaha smart sungguh!

First week it was really tough moment taking care of premature baby. Luckily my mom in law was here, so she helped me a lot. If not i don't know what to say or do... and again, maybe i must be nibbling at my fingernails with a huge question mark on my head thou 'HOW DO I DO THIS?? SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'

Hai...belum apa2 aku dah kelam kabut tahap transformers, itu baru dua beb! Arwah mak dulu 5 orang...termasuk aku yg berperangai... makk..i miss you mak... I just can't emulating you mak! I can't be like you...a supermom. At this time i really need you badly by my side.

Zafran? Well, I could tell by his well fed belly that he is not foodless. Why i said so? Because everytime when i breastfeed Lydia, he's next! Aku redha je la.

I conceded that being a mother is not easy. Maybe you can make it sounds so easy but the truth is only a mother can feel it. Fuhh... i can feel it now. When i see Zafran, i realise how time really flies. He's 2 years old now and yet i have another little person in my house that need to be given something similar to what i have been given to Zafran. I believe this gonna be an incredible journey that i will ever take in life.

Zafran, Lydia - be good k because mama don't wanna be Incredible Hulk!


Shaiful said…

Tay, tahniah ... tahniah ... tahniah dan lagi ... dan lagi. Alhamdulillah hope you, baby and the whole family are okey. Dulu saya dan wife ada juga mengalami baby prem nie. Alhamdulillah sekarang baby tu dah berusia 4 tahun.
Tay said…
Thanks Shaiful! Right now i am busy with my 2 kids. Anak u yg mana satu premature ni?
SimplyMe said…
allo darling. pagi ni saja merajinkan diri mengadap laptop. ingat nak update blog tp end up bz baca berpuluh email. ada yg date bulan june tp september baru sempat baca.....hahahaha.....

saja nak komen satu jer.....jgn jadik incredible hulk tp be an INCREDIBLE MUMMY! kui kui kui.....

lotsof story happening around us...between us...etc...etc....but don't have time to catch up ....huhuhuu.....

c ya time raya kot...insyaallah.

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