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:: Chilling Portraits Of The Life ::

I used to be a diffident person. Sometimes i seem baffled at my own decision, thought and could be anything that comes along my way. I don't have that audacity to share my perspectives with others, I would rather to keep it safely inside than throw it out. Well, this is not i am gonna talk long about because i have changed now! Big changed! ;)

Today l learned spanish language through online. It was so fun. Last month i was crazy over korean language until i can speak a little in korean. Mianhanda, Saranghanda... don't you think it is cute? (the only words that really easy to remember hehehehe) I love to learn foreign language but it is not serious. Muazzam encourages me to learn arabic and i almost taking the course in Islamic International University back then. But it was only a dream...and i have big dream that comes true in my life after that >> Zafran and Lydia, i love you both. And momma would like to reiterate, I love you, I love you, I love youuu muahhhhhh!!

As 2010…