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:: True Friend ::

What true friend means to you?
What true friend means to me...? These two words are so big to me. It can be seen in broaden perspectives by certain people and also it depends to the person to define it. By definition, to me, a true friend is a combination of two words - honest and trust. Let me peel this two words.
Firstly, being able to have profound attachment towards each other. Meaning, when they need a shoulder to cry on, we are there to lend them our shoulder, we are there to feel their feelings. When they are sad, we are sad too. When they are happy, we are happy too. Being able to be a blanket/comforter, whenever they are cold, we are there to warm them (Do not get wrong interpretation on my last sentence aha!).

Secondly, being able to be a good listener. When they have problems and would like to share with you, we are there to listen. Listen with open heart not only ears. Because sometimes there is a friend, they just listen, but not sincerely listen with their heart.