:: True Friend ::

What true friend means to you?
What true friend means to me...? These two words are so big to me. It can be seen in broaden perspectives by certain people and also it depends to the person to define it. By definition, to me, a true friend is a combination of two words - honest and trust. Let me peel this two words.

Firstly, being able to have profound attachment towards each other. Meaning, when they need a shoulder to cry on, we are there to lend them our shoulder, we are there to feel their feelings. When they are sad, we are sad too. When they are happy, we are happy too. Being able to be a blanket/comforter, whenever they are cold, we are there to warm them (Do not get wrong interpretation on my last sentence aha!).

Secondly, being able to be a good listener. When they have problems and would like to share with you, we are there to listen. Listen with open heart not only ears. Because sometimes there is a friend, they just listen, but not sincerely listen with their heart.

Thirdly, being able to be someone that you can trust. When they share with you something so called 'private and confidential' things, we are there to keep it safely to ourselves. Sometimes, human they are so weak, sometimes they can't simply bear all the burdens alone and when they have something heavy on their head, they just want to let it out to ease the pain and there go,, they called a friend. And as true friend, they will not share the p&c things to someone else, not even to their loved ones and not even slip of the tongue!

Those 3 points playing an important role to me. If one of them, is not applied to you, then i guess i should drop the word 'true' in front, so it becomes just 'friend'. Because the word friend it is just like other words, it means something to some of you but it is not deep to me. We are imperfect, so we do make mistake. But at least before we do something we should have thought at least 'what are the consequences if we do it?' Use your brain to think, not your head!

There are some people out there want to become someone likeable by all, so they just do something stupid, which unfortunately they think they have done something brilliant to other people. They attract people surrounding by giving some information that they should have not shared it. By doing that, they think they can make people stay and keep on coming back to them for more information. They treat their true friend like other friends. What i mean here, they don't know how to differentiate between true friend and just friend. I believe this kinda person, they don't have a friend that close at heart.

Two more things, i wonder why is that some people can be so like a long coarse grass..., you know...where it follows where the wind blow. They don't have principle in their lives, no direction. They just shrug and nod their heads to something and then they just agree to it. Walaupun dalam hati dia sendiri disagree with the points. I see this people and i say to myself "poor they". And the second one; I still wonder why some people so easily can be a gossip digger, a so called uncertified journalist. But it is ok, what goes around, comes around... one day, it will be your turn to pose at the 360 deg photoshop macam dekat grammy award!

No matter what, harlequin life goes on...everyday we are given a chance to meet many kind of people in our lives, just say hello and smile to them! Pahala pun dapat...


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