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:: A Noble Transformation ::

Someone that i know, very close to mine is in the process to find herself. Every second in our life, we will see or at least hear about there is someone you know is about to do some transformation for their life. Well, i guess, if we are talking about good changes, clearly.. we have nothing to lose by doing it. Some more, if we do it because of HIM... lagi la besar pahalanya. I said to her, you are not being skipped for the test on your way to do some noble transformation, so patience is an essential tool to face it. Fear no more to failure, because it is a cornerstone for you to keep working at success. InsyALLAH, everything will be fine with you if you do it because of HIM. I pray for you dear.

This morning i saw Zafran sprawled on the floor, and it was so sweet of Lydia, she tried to help him get up. Zafran.. Zafran... with that bedraggled hair, he still looked gorgeous. I want to comb his hair but he ran here and there. He is a big tough boy now! Lydia she just gave me a genuine sm…