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:: En el mes de agosto, bizi y especial ::

August is a busy month for me. Not only the athletes in Olympic are busy... but i am busy with Weddinglympic ok! Can i say this....weddinglympic?!! Muahahaha My job as a ’wedding planner’ for the wedding gifts preparation quite a challenge task thou.. It was a hard work, but i didn’t mind doing it again and again. Anyway, alhamdulillah Muazzam’s cousin seemed to love the result so much! Cantik siot...hahahahaha aku sendiri angkat bakul. The theme color was brown, always my fav color. On top of that, I have wedding invitation 3 weeks in row, o myyy.... 2 attended, 1 more to go this weekend. And then we will be heading up to Malacca to celebrate Muazzam’s cousin whom will be departed for Spain after Hari Raya. Tengo la camisa negra hoy mi amor esta de luto, hoy tengo en el alma uno pena....y es por culpa de tu embrujo... yeehahahahaha don’t get headache thou, it is just a spanish song lyric belongs to spanish singer, JUANES. I love his songs and his macho look of course... and that's why a lot of spanish words in my blogging this time! Es una locura!

Zafran? He seems OK with all those travelling things. Memang menurun habis perangai aku, suka berjalan. While blogging this, he is perching on the yellow pillow. So cute! I see Zafran a big boy now. It is such a miracle watching him grow by my two eyes and seeing all the changes he goes through day by day. Alhamdulillah, Thank you ALLAH. Right now, i am trying to do ’family-bonding things’ with him. Now, he’s laughing at me. And i laughed back at him...(i didn’t know the root cause of the laughing)

Back to travelling things, well.. travelling is always something i love to do, but i couldn’t stand a stack high dirty laundry after coming back from the travel. How i wish i could have cyborgs to do all those house work, instead of my own two magic hands! Expecto patronummm...wooishhhhhhhh......

Besides the busy month, August is also a special month for me. Actually today is my father’s birthday. I started to remember a lot of things about him. I remember one day i went to his house and wished him happy birthday. Then suddenly he asked me back with his puzzled face ”hari ni berapa haribulan? Hari jadi abah ke hari ni?” Just imagine he didn’t remember his own birthday! At this moment i really miss him so much...Hanya ALLAH saja yang tahu betapa aku rindu pada abah. Happy Birthday abah!. Last time i always asked him ”Abah nak apa hadiah birthday?” And now, no need to ask him anymore....Al Fatihah hadiah untuk abah... orang akan hadiahkan sebanyak mungkin Al Fatihah untuk abah... same goes to mak...

And then yesterday was my brother’s birthday. He has something in common with my abah, his voice over the phone sounds so exactly like abah. Sometimes i just feel like dialing him, just to hear his voice. At least rindu terhadap abah terubat bila dengar suara dia. Happy Birthday Bro! Semoga dimurahkan rezeki oleh ALLAH SWT.

Another special day will be on 31st of August. Qué tiene de especial el 31 de agosto? because it is our Merdeka Day. Merdeka!!! Dah 51 tahun kita merdeka, Alhamdulillah... Thank you ALLAH.

(En el mes de agosto, bizi y especial -- In the month of august, busy and special!) The rest, you can find the meaning in free online spanish yourself! ahak..


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